Equip, encourage, and empower followers of Jesus to reach the one.

The 99 Conference 2022
Launch a movement to reach the one

September 23-24, 2022

LexCity Church
Lexington, KY



ADULTS: $129


GROUP of 6: $65


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Guest Speakers & Artists

Carlos Whittaker

Author, Influencer

Kathleen Edelman

Author, Coach, Temperament Expert

Rev. Kelvin Walker

Corporate Vice President | C&MA

Ketric Newell

Pastor, Teen Activitist

CitySound Worship

Worship Collective

Dan McPherson

Youth Pastor, Author

Jeff Miller

Pastor, C&MA District Superintendent

What are we talking about at the 99 Conf?

Our goal is to launch a movement to reach the one. We are talking about evangelism, influence in your ministries, trends that we see in churches, and much more.

Why the One matters?

Why should I care about “the one” wondering sheep?

Temperaments in the Church

How do people hear us when we speak about faith, Jesus, and our lives to them?

Leading Your Kids

How do I understand my kids to better lead them and help them experience Jesus?

Sharing Jesus in a Post-Christian World

When church, faith, God, and morality are not a cultural norm, how do we lead people to Jesus and explain the need for the local church?

Sharing your faith in a Digital World

How can I use my platform on social media to share my faith with non-Christians?

Students sharing Jesus

How can students who want to start sharing their faith approach this topic at school with friends?